Alchemy, chemistry and magic

Sometimes blind buying is a miss, and sometimes is a hit!

If my first Kemi, Ilm, was not necessarily a miss, but a strange buy, my second Kemi was a hit.

Jabir bears the name of the most famous alchemist, chemist, magician, and religious philosopher from Iran.

And as the name says, Jabir is the alchemy between flowers and oud. The fragrance was launched in 2014 and it is created by Chris Maurice for Xerjoff’s Kemi Blending Magic line.

It is my second Kemi, as I found them on great deals in the duty-free at the airport in Bucharest. You can see my first impressions and the unboxing here.

I have to say that this fragrance is so well blended, so dense, and from the first spray, I could feel the flower bouquet, followed by the sweet-woody layer of vanilla, musk, and oud.

I can feel the freesia, the peony, the roses, like in a spring flower bouquet, like in a flower market with flowers seated on wooden and a bit rotten tables, water dripping from their petals, and the sun shining. For some reason, I think of yellow flowers each time I smell it.

For me, it is a bit difficult to wear, as I’m not that much into flowers in perfumery, but if you are a fan, this is a great choice. Still, I advise against blind buy, as the oud is a bit stinky and the flowers a bit nauseating. This doesn’t mean that the fragrance is not great, because it is. So, all in all, give it a try, especially if you are willing to invest in a fragrance and wear it constantly.