Pure and simple Honey

The nice thing about working form home is that one can eat whatever and whenever he or she wants, and that was my case this morning. I woke up with the craving for waffles with honey and nuts. So, while I was preparing them, I remembered my Pure Honey from Kim Kardashian, a fragrance bought this spring, from www.parfimo.ro, a super inspired blind buy.

I have to admit I do not pay much attention to tv stars fragrances, because most of them smell the same, linear and cheap. Also, I have a lot of mixed feelings about the Kardashian empire, but this particular fragrance was a super pleasant surprise for me, mostly because I had no expectation what so ever about it.

First of all, the fragrance was cheap, so it was worth the risk. I always take chances on cheap blind buys, because, at the very least, I can use fragrances as home scents or after the shower.

The box is a golden honey cardboard with prints oh bees and honeycombs, which makes it funny and a bit childish naïve. The bottle is nice, diamond shaped transparent glass, with a little funny silver bee. Actually, the shape of the bottle is a bit annoying, because the shape makes a bit hard to maneuver.

The colour of the liquid is a golden smoked honey, reproducing perfectly the natural colour of polyflower honey.

When applied, the fragrance opens up a bit fresh, from the fresia and madarin blossom in the top notes, which I can fell both. It also has some roses on the top, but I don’t feel it at the beginning. After just a few seconds, the honey kicks in strongly, making it sweet and gourmand, but without being nauseating or overwhelming. The middle notes have beeswax, honey, honeysuckle and orchid. I don’t get the hint of the orchid though. The fresia though still lingers. Base notes are musk, vanilla and coconut, very discreet and nice, allowing the honey to develop and stay on the skin.

The overall effect on my skin is the one of jasmin tea with honey, flowery gourmand sweet, nice, attracting and comforting. The silage and persistence of this fragrance is actually great.

All in all, this one is another proof that some of the tv stars fragrances are quite good and unique. It actually gives me the same feeling as a naïve painting would – funny, childish, relaxed but very valuable, contrasting with the seriousness of life. If you enjoyed the description and if you enjoy honey scented fragrances and cosmetics, that Pure Honey from Kim Kardashian is a good choice.