How do we choose a fragrance and, most importantly, why do we choose a fragrance?

One should never underestimate the power of a fragrance, because the sense of smell is the first stimulus of our memory: the fragrance one wears can create first impressions or trigger memories, if we either talk about mystery, attraction or nostalgia.

If I could say so, the fragrance one wears it’s like a business partner we work together with in order to gain a profit. A fragrance is a silent friend that we can rely on to take us out of anonymity, to start a conversation or, why not, to get us out of unpleasant situations.

When choosing a fragrance, the first rule we should follow is that the aroma should perfectly complete the image we want to create. If we want to be perceived as strong, powerful individuals, than the fragrance has to be the same: bold, strong, overwhelming, with notes of amber, oud, leather, musk. If we want to create a lively, energetic, active image, than the fragrance has to have citrusy notes like lime, manadrin, bergamot, or vetiver, green tea, mint. If we want seduction, sex appeal and mystery, than sweet notes like honey, jasmin, ylan-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla are just perfect.

Also, the fragrance can become a real help when doing business. Along with other negotiation tricks like the table sitting, service, ambiental music, smartly programmed interruptions, we can add to the list of personal aces in negotiations, ones fragrance:

  • a strong, bold, overwhelming fragrance can be used if we intend to annoy our opponent, make him want to leave quickly, only after he agreed to our terms of the negotiation
  • a neutral fragrance might just relax the opponent and make him want to spend more time with us
  • a fresh scent might make our guest believe that we are in a hurry to get to the tennis court and we are a bit detached from our conversation.

All in all, choosing the right fragrance is an art that requires time and perseverance, and if you are not decided on what the right aroma is for you, do not hesitate to ask for advice from perfumery specialists. Also, if you have questions about what to wear to different events, in term of fragrances, do not hesitate to contact me at or on my social media channels.