A Haute Hot Couture

Taking a walk down memory lane today, I remembered another classic fragrance that I love, an all time favourite, that I own in two versions. My first Hot Couture, that I have bought when I was a student, was a special edition, launched in 2000, Hot Couture Collection No 1. I think mine is from 2001, and unfortunately I couldn’t identify the batch code online, to date it perfectly. I also have to say that it smells perfectly, without any modification in the structure.

First of all, I have to say that, after all this years and hundreds of fragrances owned and thousands smelled, Givenchy is still one of my favourite perfume houses, with fragrances that surpass lots of niche ones. It may be that my love for this one is because both of my grandparents were tailors and I grew up in a house where fabrics, needles, threads and sewing machines were a normal decor.

The box is absolutely gorgeous, with silver and black elements depicted, elements that you can find in every couturier’s studio. The bottle is tall and straight, like a model on the runway, with the back all black and silver writings, and with a silver lady silhouette on the front, in a couture dress. The cap reminds of a fascinator from dotted fabric.

Hot Couture Collection No 1 is a strong, bold, sweet and harsh fruity fragrance, with strong woody and spiced notes. Although it opens up with raspberry, it is not what one would expect from a fruity fragrance. Not by far. It is strong, it is a fruity musk fragrance, with the sweetness of amber and sandalwood present from top to bottom. The pepper in the middle gives it just the right amount of spice. Although it is a fruity fragrance, it is actually perfect for cold weather, for the winter season, due to its power.

For me, this one smells like a piece of dark raspberry chocolate, with a cup of tea, on a cold winter morning, beside the fireplace, with warm and soft clothes on. It is cosy, warm and seductive. It is the type of fragrance to you either love or hate, there is no in between with it.

And although it is called Hot Couture, I actually love wearing it to the office, with a masculine suit, or with an A-line black skirt and white shirt, because it makes me feel strong and invincible.

As other Givenchy fragrances, this one is absolutely fantastic and I strongly encourage people to try it! It is worth the money and it is a must for every fragrance lover collection.